Cinescape Club Card
Get your own pre paid card and avoid booking queues, book your own tickets through our website & ticketing KIOSK
Special Events / Theater Rentals
This service gives you the opportunity to make your event special and unique by renting any of our theaters for making conferences/ commemorative ceremonies/ award presentations / product launches/ corporate meeting/ research presentations/ lectures or remote broadcasts.
Birthday Parties and Graduation Celebrations
You can celebrate and enjoy your special day with your family and friends by being the star of your favorite movie and watch your pictures in the big screen at one of our theaters.
Group Booking / Private Screening
Enjoy watching your favorite movie in one of Cinescape theaters with your family and friends by renting the whole theater.
Cinescape Gift Voucher
Invite your Family & Friends to the cinema and buy them pre paid vouchers
Let Go! With Cinema to go
Enjoy your favorite movie in the privacy of your own home
You can have an unforgettable event in any of Cinescape theaters using one of our services.
Premier Show
You can be the first to watch your favorite movie before the releasing date of the movie in Cinescape theaters.
School Booking
Take the children in a fun day to watch a movie of your choice and enjoy our special offer.
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