Kuwait National Cinema Company (Cinescape) was founded on October 5th, 1954 since then it has been the sole exhibitor in the country. Cinescape has pioneered the distribution and exhibition ( Arabic, English, and Indian movies) in the Middle East region making it the leading Entertainment provider for 58 years.

Online Bookings
As history has witnessed, Cinescape technological evolution never ceased to this day. Our Movie goers are constantly provided with the latest technology in accessing a variety of services. Evident of this, in 2001 Cinescape became the first in the Middle East to introduce online bookings with the option of choosing their desired seats prior to film.

Call Centre
The constant strive to gain customer satisfaction has further developed into the KNCC Call Centre. The call centre has been up and active since 2004, not only does it aid in tele-bookings but was established to ensure that all customer inquires and complaints can be maintained and managed through this service.

Cinema Technology

A. Digital Cinema
Cinescape determination to validate its international standards in cinema technology invested in DIGITAL projectors (D-Cinema.) In 2007 “Taimour and Shafika” became the first Arabic Film to be released in Digital technology at Cinescape theatres. Currently Cinescape owns 56 fully cinema digital and 3D screens.

The first and only digital IMAX theatre to feature commercial films and documentaries in the region was launched with the opening of Cinescape 360.

Cinescape plays a major role in distribution of Major Independent films in the Middle East through its associates, Front Row Filmed Entertainment. In 2005, The Kuwait National Cinema Company joined alliance with Front Row Filmed Entertainment distributing major Independent films from studios like New Line Cinema, Paramount Vantage, HanWay Films, Lakeshore Entertainment, Studio Canal, TF1 International, Celluloid Dreams, Peace Arch Films, Wild Bunch, Studio Ghibli, National Lampoon's and many more. Since then, more than 6oo titles have been distributed and some of the biggest movies have been released under the Kuwait National Cinema Company umbrella.

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